Someone became an alien today.


We took little N to Children’s Hospital today to get her heart murmur checked out.


Those little electrodes just did NOT want to stick to her skin. The nurse said her skin was too soft. Is that even possible for a baby? Maybe I shouldn’t lotion her skin every night. ;D

She handled it all like a champ. Didn’t cry at all, even with over twenty electrodes stuck to her. We were so proud.


Of course, every nurse or doctor we saw did a double take when they saw little N, often exclaiming “She’s SO pretty!”. Our kid’s a looker, she is.

When Dr. S came in to listen to her heart, she grabbed his finger and he commented on how strong she was. After a few minutes, he said, “I don’t hear anything but a perfectly beating heart. The murmur probably healed itself”. HURRAY! This mommy definitely did a happy dance.

As we left the hospital,Ry and I agreed that we know the truth. The Lord healed our girl. We are so grateful for his grace and provision. All the way to the hospital, I prayed that the doctor would find nothing but a healthy heart. And that’s all there was!

This sassy girl got all dressed up to celebrate.


And now it’s bedtime. G’night!