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Little N, it’s amazing how a year flies by.

One year ago today, Mommy found out she was pregnant with you.

Mommy didn’t think you were there because her body can be weird sometimes, but Daddy convinced her to check and make sure.

I took the test and then waited, without looking, for two whole minutes. A few months before, Daddy and I gave the planning of our family to God. We decided that we would let Him bless us with children whenever He wanted to. So while I waited, I prayed and gave my churning emotions over to God and told Him that I trusted Him no matter what the test said.

The test was positive!

I will never forget the adrenaline that shot through me. There was a baby inside me! I tried to figure out a cute way to tell Daddy, who was in the other room, but the adrenaline was starting to make me shake and I was getting lightheaded, so I wobbled into the next room, looked at Daddy and said, “I think we might be . . .?”

Daddy looked at the test and hugged me very tightly and we cried a little bit. Then he ran out to get more tests and I drank more water. Two more tests later, there was no denying:

God wanted YOU to come into the world, Little N!

See those big smiles on our faces? We were already so in love with you and SO excited!

Hard to believe that you were only this big at that point.

4.5 weeks pregnant. The size of a poppy seed.

And if there’s one thing I’m sure of, if there’s one thing I’m positive about, it’s this – you were meant to be, Little N. We didn’t plan you; God did! You are supposed to exist right now, in this year, in this century, in this era of time. God ordained for you to be born. He has such powerful, wonderful and GOOD things planned for you. I have such peace knowing that. You are such a blessing to us! You are proof that every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of lights. And you are proof that trusting God is worth it.

Little N at 9 weeks old.

I love you, Little N. Thank you for being mine! I am grateful that I became conscious of being YOUR mommy a year ago today!