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I think Little N may be teething.


Trying to get her mouth open so we could look for teeth buds.

She’s been heavily drooling for the last few weeks, chewing on her hands and anything that comes in contact with her mouth for the last few days, and just yesterday started getting irritable. I got a peek into her mouth and I’m pretty sure I saw a tooth bud on her lower gum.


There’s a bump on the lower right side.

I’m hoping the Baltic Amber teething necklace I got her will arrive today. People swear by these things, so I figured I would try it before putting medicines in her mouth. I’m also hoping it will arrive today so that it gets here before we leave for Michigan for my sister’s high school graduation. I do not want to be stuck in the Michigan boonies with a teething baby and nothing to help her!

Ah, and as I was writing this post and after we took those pictures, Little N was sucking/chewing on my finger and I felt ANOTHER tooth bud on her upper gum! Two teeth???!!

Please come today, necklace, please come today, necklace . . .