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Yes, we DID finally make it to Michigan and my waiting family.

 However, it was no easy road.


We flew into Grand Rapids the morning after our unending night in the Twin Cities airport. The flight was mercifully short (we had some of the WORST turbulance I’ve ever experienced. I was writing my final goodbyes, y’all). We arrived in Grand Rapids to discover that only our stroller has arrived with us. Our checked bag of clothes and our carseat (only slightly important. *sarcasm*) would be arriving on a different flight. In 3 hours. That airport and I have a much closer relationship now than I intended.

We got our rental car and drove the 3 hours to Interlochen. Except that it actually took about 4 1/2, because we stopped three times to comfort/feed/change Little N and because we set our GPS for Traverse City, not Interlochen. Color us lost. It didn’t help that our meeting place was a Tom’s market and there are TWO different Tom’s markets, each next to a Rite Aid and a Burger King. That was an interesting conversation with my father:

“We’re here! We’re at Tom’s market! We’re in a little red car”.

“Great, I’m in a white car. Have you pulled in yet? I don’t see you.”

“Yes, we’ve pulled in. We’re under the big ‘Tom’s Market’ sign”.

“Do you see the Rite Aid?”

“Yes, we see the Rite Aid.”

“And the Burger King?”

“Yes, and the Burger King.”

“Well, I’m parked next the big white plastic cow, do you see that?”

“White . . .plastic . . .cow . . .?”

We finally found him an hour later. So a trip that should have taken about 12 hours ended up taking about 40.

But my seestur finally got to meet her niece:

They took to each other like fish to water. Little N is rarely so trusting with someone she’s just ‘met’. Gotta be that blood connection.

Sister got herself gradumated.

And she loved the gifts we gave her (laminated maps and sour patch kids, and a nifty online scrapbook I made).


We took Little N down to the lake that was a stone’s throw from our cabin and got a great family shot.

And Little N finally realized that her arms will help her during tummy time. She looked mighty cute while doing so. =)

Our sweet girl was an unbelievable trooper the entire trip. She hardly fussed on all of our flights. We had fellow passengers comment that they didn’t even know there was a baby on the plane. Win!

We’re now safely back home after a (thankfully!) uneventful return trip and we are already missing Ama, Papa and Auntie S.

Despite the countless delays, I am so thankful for the time I was able to spend with my family and that I was able to see my sister graduate.

Later this week, I’ll post about Little N’s 4 month appointment. My guess is that her head circumference will be substantially larger than her 2 month statistic. We’ll see!