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We had Little N’s 4 month appointment today.

In the waiting room, she loved looking at all the fish in the fish tank.

We got in and she was weighed

and measured

and this gorgeous girl’s official 4 month stats are in:

12 lbs, 14.5 oz (34%)

25 3/4 inches (95+%)

             16 1/4 in. head circumference (55%).

That’s right! She’s loooooooooong and lean. Dr. G said she’s growing just fine and seems perfectly healthy!

Then Dr. G listened to her heart while Little N smiled at her

and checked her ears

and her hip bones.

THEN Dr. G laid Little N on her stomach to check how tummy time has been going and that she’s lifting her head up correctly. Was my camera ready? No. Did I have video loaded up? Of course not. And our little punk decided to show off.


Dr. G caught her to make sure she didn’t roll right into the mirrors.

This is post roll.

Ry and I are very proud, albeit a little peeved that we didn’t get it on film. It’ll happen though!

Then we did vaccines. We only did the D-Tap combo shot (for pertussis) and the oral rotovirus vaccine. She got two shots last time and had a major meltdown.

I think having one prick instead of two made all the difference

Drinking down the sweet-tasting rotovirus vaccine

Because she hardly cried during her shot! Nurse P was very impressed.



She gave a startled cry when the shot happened and I was all prepared to nurse and comfort her so she wouldn’t scream, but she looked at the band-aid going on, looked all around the room, and decided it wasn’t worth fussing over.

I really have such a trooper for a kid. Couldn’t be more proud of my girl!

She’ll be officially 4 months old tomorrow (I can hardly believe it!). Every day with you is a treasure, Little N! We are so proud of the sweet lady you’re becoming.