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Little N, you decided that reaching 4 months was going to be an event!

Your daddy and I knew that big belly laughs and rolling over were right around the corner for you. But we didn’t know you’d decide to wow us and do them both in the same day!

You couldn’t get over Daddy doing silly sneezes. And we could not get over the adorable giggles and laughs that came out of you! We three kept laughing for many minutes after we took this video. You bring me and Daddy such joy!

Then, after your bath, we decided to see if we could catch you rolling over. You did it once before at the doctor’s office, and you caught us and the doctor by surprise! But we wanted to document it for our families and so you could see it one day. You didn’t disappoint!

Can you hear how proud we are? You blow us away with your determination to grow. I think you’ll be crawling before long.

You charm every person you meet. Bath-time is your favorite! You love playing with your rings and your crinkly books and your feet fascinate you. You’re starting to get interested in mommy and daddy’s food, but we’ll probably hold off on that for a little longer. You like sucking on your fingers to comfort yourself and you just found your thumb to suck on today.

You have a few teeth coming in and that causes you to drool like a champ.

You are quick to smile and you have the sweetest, most agreeable spirit. Daddy and I are so blessed to call you our daughter! We thank God for you every day, sweet girl.

You light up our lives!