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 This first Father’s Day for me was wonderful! After getting up and going into the church for worship team practice, I came back to the apartment to pick up the ladies for service. My wonderful wife had Nutella crepes with honeyed strawberries, scrambled eggs, coffee and orange juice waiting for me for breakfast. The crepes were AWESOME!!!

            I got wonderful cards from my two ladies. Em got Mariner’s tickets for my dad and me to take N to her first baseball game. N got me a little leather journal. (Okay, so it was really from Em but I am sure N would have if she could.) From my parents I also received a gift card to Sports Authority.

            After church we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for burgers and brats. We hung out with family visiting from Houston. We watched baseball, golf, soccer and basketball. Many of us took naps. This was especially nice for me to just sit and relax since I am usually working on Sundays.Image

            The best part of the day was sitting and watching golf while N took a nap on my chest. Nothing beats a new father holding his daughter as she sleeps restfully in his arms. It is scary to know that there is a little one who is completely dependent on you, who could not survive without your help, your provision, and your love. It is that little one who keeps me working hard to provide shelter, food, and clothing. N, I love you so very, very, very, much! You and your mama mean the world to me! Your beautiful smile warms my heart and I cannot wait to hear you call me “Daddy.” I love you baby girl!

            What a wonderful first Father’s Day it was. Thank you Em for making it so special!