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Little N, today we took you swimming for the very first time!

You were SO adorable in your little swimsuit! You might be able to get another few wears out of it, but not much more than that because you are SO long it almost doesn’t fit! =)

Daddy and I were so excited to take you to the pool. Mommy was especially excited because she grew up swimming all the time when she was little, and Mommy LOVES swimming!

We had a feeling you would probably like swimming, since they keep the pool heated to a comfy temperature and because you already LOVE baths.

First we just plunked your feet in so you could get used to it.

Then we hopped in!

Sure enough, you LOVED it!

You were so cute! You kept shrieking and doing your grunty coo sound that you do when you’re excited.

We got some of it on video. It’s a little hard to hear because there were other kids having fun at the pool. The really soft coos are Little N, and the louder coos are Ry and I cooing back at her.

You also liked sitting with Daddy and playing with your rubber ducky, Granger. You kept trying to bite Granger’s head off!

Mommy had to pry Granger out of your hands just so she could get a quick pic of your cute face.

Mommy and Daddy had SO much fun at the pool with you, Little N! I hope you grow to love swimming as much as Mommy does, and as long as it stays sunny, this will have been the first of many trips to the pool this summer! =D