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Lately, with all the fine weather we’ve been having, this family has been including an evening walk in Little N’s bedtime routine.

Little N definitely loves the outdoors! She starts kicking her legs and grinning as we start walking down the path toward the freeway overpass.

She loves catching a ride on her Daddy’s shoulders, looking at the sky, the trees and the many beautiful yards and flowers of our neighbors.

Daddy needed a shower. ;D

And why do we hike to a freeway overpass, you might ask?

Well, the view’s not bad.

Daddy loves showing you the lake, Little N.

And you love to give Daddy kisses in return as we head home.

We love going on these nightly walks with you, Little N! It is such a thrill to see you get excited just to be outside in God’s creation. I hope you never lose that zest and appreciation for life in all its forms.

We love you and your crinkle-nosed smile, sweet girl! =)