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Growing up I loved baseball! It was my favorite sport. I remember my dad taking me to games at the old Kingdome back in the ’80s and ’90s. On Wednesday, I took lil’ N and my dad to the Mariner’s game against the New York Yankees. The tickets were a Father’s Day gift from Em. We got N all dressed up in her new M’s outfit.

She loves being held by Grandpa! As it turned out, Ichiro, long time Mariner, was traded to the Yankees earlier that week. This is the only time the Yankees were coming to Seattle all year and so we got to see Ichiro’s last game in Seattle this year.

The ladies sitting behind us loved N’s smile as she kept looking back at them. She got to sit like a big girl between daddy and grandpa and play with her new, squishy baseball that she got at the beginning of the game.

Her and daddy got a picture together.

By the end of the game, though, N was exhausted!

At that point there was not much to see of the game since the Yankees were winning. After the game, we took some cool pictures with lil’ N. We sat her next to the brick that grandpa and grandma sponsored for the building of Safeco Field back in the late ’90s. It was their Christmas gift to me and my two brothers.

And finally she got her picture taken with the statue of the best play-by-play announcer and story teller that baseball has ever seen, Dave Niehaus.

It was a fun day at the ballpark! I can’t wait to do it again lil’ N!