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For the last month, this family has been a part of a local CSA chapter.

We purchase a ‘share’ in the local cooperating farms each week, and in return, we pick up a box of fresh, local, organic produce.

This was last week’s box.

We received a bunch of lettuce, a head of cabbage, a cucumber, 5 onions, a cantaloupe, a half pound of cherries, a bunch of carrots and two apricots.

These produce boxes have been so nice. They provide more than enough produce for Ry and I in the course of a week and we’re often able to stretch it into the next week. We can also use the extra we don’t use to make baby food for Little N!

This is all the baby food I’ve made and frozen for Little N so far. Not all of it has come from our CSA produce, but I’ll highlight what has.

These are yellow crookneck squash cubes and purple carrot cubes. I had never seen a purple carrot before! The purple coloring was only skin deep, hence why the carrot cubes are still orange. =)

I also made what I’m affectionately calling ‘iron cubes’!

These little beauties are a mixture of kale, broccoli and spinach to pack a powerful, iron-loaded punch! Infants are born with a 6-month iron store in their bodies, which means Little N’s iron store is getting low. I’m doing what I can to eat iron-rich foods and take iron supplements so that she’ll receive iron through my breastmilk, but once she starts solids, I wanted to have a good external source of iron for her. I’m pretty sure she’ll like these. When I pureed the mixture up, I gave her a little lick of it off my finger, and she practically ate my hand off! Not that I was surprised – anemic me was akin to a rabbit during my first trimester, eating all the kale, spinach and broccoli that I could find!

I’m gearing up for a 6-month post for our angel.

It’s fun to eat healthy in a way that fits our budget and allows us to provide good, wholesome foods for our girl. =)