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Little N, you are 6 months old today!

This whole ‘passage of time’ thing is weird to Mommy. In some ways it’s so obvious that you’re growing up and it’s wonderful. You’re learning to sit by yourself and you’re talking more and more and soon you’ll start crawling and Daddy and I will need to start thinking seriously about baby-proofing our little apartment.

And yet, weren’t you just this small a moment ago?

You were mere hours old when this picture was taken. You had finally made your way into the world after a long morning of labor and your Daddy and I were overwhelmed and scared. Overwhelmed because we were SO in love with you! Scared because we were suddenly parents and it’s a big, drastic change.

Smiling at you when you decided 3am was wake-up time.

Nothing can truly prepare one to be a parent. For Mommy, it was a swift blow to her selfishness and pride, and they continue a slow, daily death. It is hard and it hurts. But on her good days, Mommy remembers that she does not want to be a selfish, prideful person. YOU are helping to bring about the change, Little N! And it is a good change. It is an anguish that gives birth to joy.

You’re growing too fast, Little N. I rejoice every day that you are healthy and strong and growing in the ways that you need to and yet I still remember your skinny little newborn legs.

Your legs have pudgy, adorable rolls now. =)

Sportin’ a Huskies cap from Uncle J.

You are so curious now! Before, you were content to just chill in the swing or the Rock n’ Play, but not anymore! You want to touch and taste EVERYTHING!

Yummy stroller! =)

You are talking all the time and you’re starting to throw some consonants into your ‘ooo’s’ and ‘aaah’s’. Your current favorites seem to be “HAH!” and “BAH!” and BWAH!” (I put them in caps because you like to say them very loudly). =)

You smile at everyone! Seeing people’s faces seems to light you up and you shine joy at any person you see. Often, they can’t help but smile back at you.

You are Mommy’s constant reminder of the Gospel and of grace and why it is so worth it to trust the Lord.

Today is also special because it means you and Mommy have made it to 6 months of exclusively breast-feeding! WHOO HOO! This brings tears to Mommy’s eyes because it was something Mommy deeply desired for you since before you were born and it has not been an easy journey. Many times Mommy cried out to God to help her provide what she truly believed in her heart to be best for you and He delivered! There were times when Mommy only had 1 or 2 bags of milk for you left in the freezer and she despaired, but as of today, there are 10 bags in the freezer and we’ll be starting you on solids soon! God promised us when you were inside of Mommy that He would help us provide for and take care of you, and He has gone above and beyond all we imagined. It is so worth it to trust Him, Little N! =)

On Monday, we’ll see Dr. G and she’ll tell us how tall you are and how much you weigh. But today is for celebrating. You have lived for half a year, Little N! HURRAY! =D What a whirlwind it has been, and Daddy and I would not trade a single second. You are a constant joy to us, and I am blessed among women to be your Mommy. Happy 6 months, sweet girl! I love you!