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Little N, you are 7 months old today.

You grow more and more beautiful every day. You are such a treasure to me and Daddy!

Lately, it’s been a little tough because your sweet face has looked more like this.

Your teeth are still trying to break through, and your tummy is having trouble getting used to solid food. You’re a bit ‘backed up’, as they say. All the pain and discomfort is causing you to have trouble sleeping, especially at night, which makes the daytime hit or miss in terms of crankiness.

But your sweet personality still shines through.

You are becoming more and more mobile with each passing day. You are desperate to crawl! Mommy and Daddy are hoping that you’ll wait just a few more weeks until we move into our new apartment – we’ll babyproof that one for you, we promise! =)

You are obsessed with keys, remotes, computers and computer cords. If you see any one of these, it’s like the rest of the world fades away and nothing else exists or matters other than you obtaining it! You can quite aptly drag yourself across many laps to bang your hands on a computer keyboard, and you gladly played with my car keys for 20+ minutes this morning during worship practice.

You still love to eat solids even if they stop you up. Last week, you had pears and you LOVED them! They are far and away your favorite at this point. It’s been so fun to introduce you to new tastes and textures. It is a joy to see life through your eyes, baby girl.

Also, your hair is starting to grow! It is definitely getting longer and a tiny bit thicker. We’re still not sure if it’s blonde or strawberry blonde, but your Daddy was so excited the other day that you had enough hair to have bedhead! ;D

You have a smile for everyone and you are such a blessing! Daddy and I still revel in the fact that we not only have a child, we not only have a daughter, we have YOU! God chose you for us! We are so thankful. =)

Keep growing and thriving, sweet girl! We love sharing life with you. =)