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Little N, usually your bedtime routine consists of getting a bath, and then Mommy lotions you down and sings to you while you kick kick kick with your little feet and you begin to get cranky because you’re hungry and ready to go to sleep.

But tonight.

Tonight, as Mommy began singing and putting your new diaper on, you locked eyes with Mommy and began cooing. We were singing together! You did this the whole time. Every time Mommy stopped singing, you stopped, and when Mommy would start up again, so would you. You have never done this before!

At the end, Mommy was lotioning your back. This is the last step before you get swaddled up by Daddy and you get to eat, so you are normally pretty cranky at this point. But not tonight. Tonight, you stared out over Mommy’s shoulder for a little while, cooing (it takes a long time to rub that lotion in!), and then you laid your sweet little head on Mommy’s shoulder and cooed softly as Mommy kept singing in your ear and rubbing in that lotion.

And Mommy melted in a big puddle. You are such a blessing to me, precious girl. Thank you for sharing that memory with me!