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Little N! You are 8 months old today!

A lot has happened this past month. You have teeth! Two, to be precise. Your two bottom teeth came in a few weeks ago. So far, you are very protective of them and won’t let anyone take a picture. This was the best we could get.

You are also ‘swimming’, as we like to say – not officially crawling, as you don’t get your knees under you, but you pull yourself along with your arms and quite ably get to wherever and INto whatever you want!

Mommy and Daddy think you probably have some more teeth trying to push their way out, because you had your first fever yesterday. It was a bit concerning when you went from 99.6 to 102.6 in the span of an hour, but after taking some Tylenol, your fever broke. You were still fussy and clingy though, and chewing on everything in sight. Hopefully those teeth will come out soon!

Your hair is slowly but surely getting thicker and longer! Just the other day, your hair was thick enough and long enough to hold a bow clip! It didn’t hold for very long, but we’ll count it anyway. =)

And this is the super cute outfit you wore with said hairbow.

Probably the biggest changes that have occured is that you are sleeping in your own room and we have officially kicked the swaddle. Mommy and Daddy tried ditching the swaddle a few months ago and that was the worst. three. days. EVER. You clearly told us that you were just not ready to sleep without the swaddle yet. So we waited and kept swaddling you.

Last Friday, you very clearly told us you were DONE! You were so tired and desperate to sleep, but you kept FIGHTING to get out of the swaddle. We finally unswaddled you and you slept for three hours straight, which in your book is GREAT. You’re still not sleeping through the night, but you are sleeping pretty well considering that we’re making a major change to your sleep routine. I think we’ve kicked the swaddle habit for good. =)

You are still loving to eat solids, so Mommy and Daddy decided to up your solids intake this month. You have just been having solids once a day, in the evening. Now we’re going to add a solid meal in the mid-morning. You’ll have lots of oatmeal and fruit and Mommy is looking forward to making some homemade yogurt for you to try!

Waving her new Minnie doll around after eating some solids.

You also pulled yourself to a stand for the first time.

You actually stood there, clinging to the bumbo and looking around at Mommy and Daddy for 2-3 minutes! We could hardly believe it. You were so proud of yourself. We were proud too, sweet girl. =)

And you are still LOVING bath time. =)

You are still, for the most part, an incredibly sweet, mellow, and smiley baby. You smile at everyone and you love to have an audience! People seem to really energize you. You are a joy and delight to everyone who meets you, and especially to Mommy and Daddy. We love you, Little N!