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Little N,

You are one year old today. All week long, I have been immersed in memories of where I was and what I was thinking and feeling one year ago.

One year ago, your momma was in pain. Lots of pain.


You were rapidly making your way into the world and Mommy was just hanging on for the ride!

You daddy, one year ago, was planning to bring earplugs next time.


And one year ago, Dr. W was saying, ‘Keeping pushing, Em! She’s almost here! Keep pushing!”


But the very best thing that happened one year ago . . .

The moment we both first saw her.

was you.

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One year ago, you were

7 lbs,

13 oz,

20 1/4 inches long,

14.5 inch head circumference,


alert and aware,

and 100% dependent on Mommy and Daddy for everything.

Today, one year later, you are

17 lbs,

9 oz,

30 inches long,

18 inch head circumference,



striving for independence,

this close to walking

and you sport the most vivacious and cheerful personality.

Today is bittersweet, Little N. I am swamped with memories of how tiny you were. I’m remembering each little milestone you hit, how skinny your newborn legs were, how fast you stole my heart, how quickly you’re growing up.


And yet, I’m looking ahead too, and baby girl, it looks pretty awesome! You already blow Daddy and me away with how smart you are and how quickly you learn and adapt to new and different surroundings.

In the last month, you started standing on your own for a few seconds. Generally it’s because you’re distracted and unaware that you’re standing unaccompanied. Realization sends you straight to your bottom, safely on the ground. =) But that’s the first step to steps, as they say. =)


You have also been playing around with words and language even more. You can say ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’, and “Button’ – yes, button! It comes out sounding more like ‘bitt’n’, but you point out buttons and call them what they are.

You also, in the last few days, started giving kisses on command. I think you just needed to find a new way to make Mommy melt into an emotional puddle. 😉

Your hair is also becoming fabulously thick and curly. Only in the back, but this momma will take what she can get. =)


The future is bright, sweet girl. We will be celebrating you in a few short hours. Many of our friends and family who love you so so much will be there.

But today, today I am doing what I will probably do for the rest of your life, Little N.

I’m looking back

Our little family.

While looking ahead.


Happy Birthday, my precious, beautiful, sassy, smart, talented, perfect and amazing girl. Mommy and Daddy are so blessed that God picked you to be our daughter. We are so excited to celebrate you today, and we can hardly wait to watch you grow and celebrate many more birthdays with you.

But, don’t grow too fast, ok? I don’t want to miss a single moment with you. =)