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Little N, you turned 13 months yesterday.

2013-03-02 12.17.49

It has been a long, busy month! I have felt every single day, but that’s a good thing! I’ve been working to be present in every moment and not just let the days rush past. It’s been tough, but very rewarding. =)

Right after your birthday, we took you to see the snow. We’ve had a dismal amount of snow in WA this year, so we had to drive out to the boonies to find some. Granted, the snow we found was dirty and grungy, but snow it was, and you loved it!

2013-02-15 16.35.14

2013-02-15 16.38.11

2013-02-15 16.42.01

Trying to brush your hair with the snow.

Trying to brush your hair with the snow.

2013-02-15 16.50.192013-02-15 16.51.45

Giving Daddy kisses on the way back to the car.

Giving Daddy kisses on the way back to the car.

You are amazing, Little N! No one is you-er than you, and it is such a joy to watch you learn and grow. You are so smart! It’s fun to watch you imagine and create.

Talking to your reflection. =)

Talking to your reflection. =)

Stirring her pretend hot chocolate while 'hiding' under a blanket. =)

Stirring your pretend hot chocolate while ‘hiding’ under a blanket. =)

You are soooooooooooooooo close to walking! We catch you standing in place when you don’t realize it, lost in your own little world and standing solidly on your own two feet. The slightest wobble sends you straight to the safety of the floor or grasping a nearby piece of furniture or the handy leg of a parent. But I’m not worried, sweet girl. I know your confidence will continue to bloom and you’ll take charge of the world when you’re ready. =)

2013-02-06 20.39.20

Little N, I forgot to mention in your birthday post, but we made it to one whole year of breastfeeding! I am so filled to the brim with thankfulness to God because He is the only one who got us through, continually provided, and made it possible. It was a tough, tough journey, but so worth it! You still love to nurse, and I am so happy to continue this relationship with you, knowing that it’s helping you stay strong and healthy and that it provides you comfort and security.

The main reason I remembered to mention it this month is because you just recently learned the sign for milk and to say milk! The sign for milk is the clenching and unclenching of your fist, similar to the motion of milking a cow. I was getting a little frustrated with how you would attack me when you wanted to nurse, so I actively worked on teaching you the sign, saying ‘do you want milk milk?’ as I signed to you. Within three days, you nailed it. You can’t quite clench your fist, but you pinch your little fingers together and say ‘Meh meh!’ when you want to nurse. Even better – you’ve learned how to say please! You rub a little circle on your chest, using the sign for please and say ‘peese!’. It melts me, you little polite thing, you. =)

Scrunchy face!

Scrunchy face!

I have noticed an incredible desire to learn from you lately, Little N. It’s amazing to see! You watch us intently in everything we do, and you seek to copy it. Whether it be mimicking our facial expressions and sounds (you’ve become quite the eyebrow wiggler!) or copying programmatic things such as putting your socks on your feet, you are eager to learn and curious about everything. I hope you never lose this zest for life and information that you have! It is inspiring!

Playing with Daddy's hat.

Playing with Daddy’s hat.

We had a week or two of terrible, TERRIBLE sleep this past month because you had three, count ’em, THREE teeth coming in at once. Thankfully, two of them broke through pretty quickly, and we’re just waiting on the last one.  You now have six teeth, almost seven!

Once those two teeth broke through, you started sleeping much better, which your Daddy and I were very grateful for.

They fall asleep the same way. =)

They fall asleep the same way. =)

Your hair is growing in thicker and curlier. From the front, it now fans out around your face. I love it!

2013-03-02 12.17.16

You are so incredibly beautiful, Little N. A few days ago, we went out for brunch, and the overcast sky made your eyes BLUE BLUE BLUE! Daddy and I couldn’t stop commenting on it!

2013-03-01 12.22.32

You light up our lives, sweet girl. It is such a joy to watch you grow, change, and thrive! We love you!!

2013-03-02 15.56.10