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Little N, you are 14 months old! It snuck up on me this month. Compared to last month, this month has flown by! I think it’s because it was jam-packed with a ton of fun things to do! This will be a very long, picture heavy post! =)

2013-03-28 12.34.10

You and I started off the month by taking you to the park for the first time.

I think it’s safe to say that, even though it was a little chilly, you loved it. =)

2013-03-07 14.27.27

2013-03-07 14.44.24

2013-03-07 14.44.15

Your daddy also took us to the Woodland Park Zoo, so that you could see all the animals.

Checking out the iguana.

2013-03-08 13.56.17

Saying hi to a little turtle.

2013-03-08 13.58.53

The little turtle said hi back. =)

2013-03-08 13.59.34

You saw the big giraffe stick its tongue out, so you had to stick your tongue out too.

2013-03-08 14.34.35

You danced with the elephants. =D

We took pictures with the monkey.

2013-03-08 15.29.05

The week after the zoo, we traveled down to Seaside, OR for a few days of relaxation over Spring Break. One of the most fun things we did while there was drive down to the Tillamook Cheese Factory!

We surveyed their bounteous cheese store.

2013-03-12 12.39.14

Then we took the tour of the factory. You loved looking down into the factory and waving at all the factory workers. They smiled and waved back at you. =)

2013-03-12 12.42.29

2013-03-12 12.42.44

2013-03-12 12.52.56

Then we went back down to the samples spot and sampled their many fabulous cheeses.

2013-03-12 13.00.43

2013-03-12 12.37.49

We couldn’t leave without getting a big double scoop cone of Tillamook ice cream! We let you have some – Swirled Huckleberry Vanilla for you, and Chocolate Peanut Butter for Mommy and Daddy. =)

2013-03-12 13.12.21

2013-03-12 13.16.21

2013-03-12 13.15.10

You showed off your sweet bomber jacket that you got for your birthday while we were down there. It helped keep you warm in the chilly beach air. =D

2013-03-14 14.56.56

Mommy got one quick, blurry picture of you on your first carousel ride. That’s because Mommy rode the carousel with you. You loved it! You were the only one on it and you kept waving and pointing to all the people who grouped around the carousel to watch you and wave to you. =)

2013-03-14 15.33.10

You also loved to keep us company in the kitchen while we were making dinner, whisking and stirring imaginary ingredients. =)

2013-03-16 21.27.15

The day after we got home from Seaside, the most wonderful thing happened – on March 16th, you took your first steps, and we caught them!

Earlier that evening, you had stood up from a sitting position without any help. You had never done that before, and we were so thrilled! We wanted to try to catch it on video, so we tried to get you to do it again. You just wouldn’t! We tried and tried, but you were getting cranky. It was close to your bedtime, so I said to Daddy, “We should maybe try another time. She’s too tired.” However, Daddy said, “Let’s just try one more time”. So I got my camera ready, and Daddy asked you to stand. This is what happened!

You took 10 STEPS! Mommy and Daddy were so astonished and proud! We cheered and tackled you right after the video ended. You smiled big at us, like you knew you’d just done something wonderful, and we all clapped together.

The next day was St. Patrick’s Day and we got decked out in green for Mommy’s favorite holiday. We had our corned beef and cabbage the night before. Mommy did a bit of reminiscing. =)

2013-03-17 10.24.03

Then later in the week we went to the Outback Kangaroo Farm!

It rained, snowed and hailed throughout the first half of our tour, and then the sun came out. But nothing could stop us from getting up close and personal with some adorable kangaroos and wallabies! Some of them were friendly enough to pet and they would take bread out of our hands. =D

2013-03-22 14.13.14

2013-03-22 14.19.52

2013-03-22 14.56.09-1

The sun finally came out in the next week, so we blew some bubbles. You thought they were so cool!

2013-03-26 13.43.29

Mommy’s birthday was a few days later, and it was wonderful. =) Daddy took us to the Point Defiance Zoo, which is one of Mommy’s favorite zoos. It’s a bit more laid back than Woodland Park, and it has a gorgeous view of the Puget Sound. =)

2013-03-27 12.31.33

2013-03-27 12.43.49

The zoo also has an awesome kid activity center. You weren’t too crazy about trying to climb the rope net, but offering some of your favorite yogurt melts as a reward did the trick. =)

2013-03-27 12.39.31

Then Daddy took Mommy out to dinner and she got all dressed up, which is always fun. =D

2013-03-27 20.25.02

You got a new reversible sun bonnet for the summer, which is just about the cutest thing this Mommy has ever seen. You and Laura Ingalls could be best buds. =D

2013-03-28 15.25.54

We reinstated our nightly family walks, which made you so happy! You love to be outside in the fresh air. =D

2013-03-28 18.51.44

2013-03-28 18.57.54

Easter weekend saw lots of sunshine, which meant lots of time outside.

2013-03-30 15.02.54

2013-03-30 15.46.56

On Easter Sunday, we got you all dressed up for church in a sweet little outfit that Mommy’s Aunt L sent her for you last year when you were still tiny. It’s been a long year of waiting to see you in this sweet dress. And you were the most adorable baby in the world, of course. =D

2013-03-31 14.49.54

We cleaned up pretty well as a family, I think. =)

2013-03-31 17.00.40

Mommy did some more holiday reminiscing.

2013-03-31 17.16.59

Then we changed out of our nice clothes and went to Flower World. It was nice to walk around and look at all the lovely trees, plants and flowers, and just enjoy the sunshine in general before heading back inside for more good food and relaxation. =)

2013-03-31 15.40.33

2013-03-31 17.00.47

2013-03-31 17.00.50

2013-03-31 14.44.45

It’s been quite the month, Little N! You have now been walking for over two weeks, and you grow more and more confident with your steps. You still lose your balance if you try to walk too fast, but I know you’ll be running in no time!

Your hair is also growing a mile a minute and is curlier than ever! It warms Mommy’s heart to see it every time. =D

2013-03-28 19.04.18

In fact, it’s long enough in the back to do cute little pony tails!!

2013-03-30 12.35.03

You are so full of joy and zest for life, sweet girl. It’s precious and captivating and exhausting! =) You chatter constantly in your baby speak. I know when you start to use words, you will speak in full paragraphs. =) The tooth that was taking forever to come in last month finally broke through, so you now have 7 teeth.

You still love bath time! When we tell you it’s bathtime, you excitedly wiggle and kick your legs and do the sign for bathtime (miming scrubbing one’s chest with a washcloth).

2013-03-12 20.34.07

2013-03-12 20.34.44

What a joy and a blessing you are, Little N! Daddy and I thank God every single day that He chose us to parent you. Sometimes it’s tough. You have been pushing the boundaries and working to exert your independence more and more this month. We strive every day to be consistent in the way we parent and shepherd you, and we often fail. But we tell you that we’re sorry and ask your forgiveness. When you smack me in the face too hard or poke my eyeball in trying to demonstrate that you know where eyes are, you immediately cry when I tell you that it hurts and give me a big kiss. There is grace on both sides and we three are learning this family thing together. =)

We love you to the stars and back, Little N! Keep shining, beautiful girl! =D

2013-03-28 19.00.38