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Little N, Mommy had some fun tonight doing some wordles of your first words and signs. =)

You’ve become quite the little communicator in the last few months! As I mentioned in my last post, we are convinced you are the cusp of a huge communication leap. You are picking up on more words and understanding more concepts every single day. You want to read all the time and you are constantly saying “Dis?” (What’s this) and pointing at everything under the sun. We love your curiosity!

Here’s a peek into all the words you’re using right now:


I wrote out your words exactly as you say them, so here’s the translation for a few of them: nana = banana, umpuh = Grandpa, suhsye = sunshine, lahyah = love you, mahmuh = Grandma, nast = nasty, mumma = Ama, behbeh = baby, peenbuh = peanut butter, wahwah = what a baby says =), and nienie = night night! =)

I’m sure you actually say much more than this, but it’s what my frazzled mommy brain can remember. =)

You also know seven signs! Here are the signs you currently know and use every day:


You also give kisses and hugs regularly, you wave and blow kisses to everyone you see, you can give a high five and then ‘bump it’ to anyone who asks, and your face – my child, you have the most expressive face! You can wiggle your eyebrows and jut your chin out and make the goofiest faces that make Mommy and Daddy laugh and laugh! You wake up singing every morning and you love to dance to music.

It’s so much fun watching you grow! We love you!