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Today you are 15 months old, Little N. And what a month it has been!

We bought you some new footed jammies since it was still cold for most of April. They are adorable!

2013-04-04 14.41.16

2013-04-05 11.50.38Zebra feet. =)

You loved strutting through Trader Joe’s in these pj’s, especially since you were wearing your pearls and pushing your own cart. =)

2013-04-08 14.49.29

2013-04-08 14.49.39

I’ve been trying to take you on a mommy/daughter date at least twice a month. We had a great time at Starbucks!

2013-04-09 11.18.18

And you looooooooove the frozen yogurt at Menchie’s. =)

2013-04-16 13.05.02

You are walking anywhere and everywhere now, and we’re working on you always holding one of our hands when out in public.

2013-04-12 15.36.45

You and Daddy still bring dinner down to me at work, and I love getting to see you before your bedtime!

2013-04-15 20.05.06

You chowed down on some yogurt at Grandma’s. =)

2013-04-19 08.48.46The weather finally started warming up, so we took you to the park to feed the ducks.

2013-04-17 14.41.17

2013-04-17 14.41.22

2013-04-22 22.47.14

Uncle J came to visit, so we hung out with him. It was so good to see you two together. =)


Uncle J wore you out, and you took a great nap. You still nap in my arms almost every Tuesday, and it’s one of the highlights of my week. =)

2013-04-23 13.17.26

You told Daddy how much you love Menchie’s frozen yogurt, so we went to get some. =)

2013-04-25 18.46.22

You also got a new table chair that you had to show off. You tried to model it with your best Blue Steel impersonation (a la Zoolander), but you couldn’t hold the serious face for long. =)

2013-04-25 16.47.07

Probably the most fun thing we did this past month was take you to the tulip fields in northern Washington.

It was beyond gorgeous!

2013-04-26 17.08.25

2013-04-26 17.11.34

2013-04-26 17.13.20

2013-04-26 18.04.50

Most of these pictures with you and the flowers are semi-staged. Why? Because you couldn’t have cared less about the flowers. What was it you cared about?

2013-04-26 17.16.25


And horses!

2013-04-26 17.18.41

And rocks! Especially upon realizing that they could be put IN the flowers

2013-04-26 17.35.46

And then taken out again (resulting in a completely destroyed flower lol)

2013-04-26 17.35.54

But the fields were truly gorgeous, stretching for acres and acres.

2013-04-26 17.26.04

2013-04-26 17.19.19

2013-04-26 17.03.48

By the time we were almost done, you were starting to melt down – mostly because you wanted to run all around and were tired of holding our hands. But we managed to get some decent family pics. =)

2013-04-26 17.38.46

2013-04-26 17.50.22

It was so much fun and we’re planning to go back every year!

I’m pretty sure you’ve made the leap into communication! You were right on the cusp for what felt like weeks and weeks, but recently you’ve been much more talkative and inquisitive about everything. You’re also saying one to two new words every day. This is an exciting time, Little N!

I made a new wordle that has all the words you have said up to date that I have heard. There are 33 of them here – though I’m pretty positive you can say closer to 40. =)


Some of the new ones since the last wordle are: moo, shoes, socks, toes, grass, seeds, horse, lips, door, rocks, and whiskers. =)

You still LOVE music. You bring me the remote every morning so that I’ll turn on Pandora for you to rock out to. You also love dancing to the radio in the car.

2013-05-01 15.19.01

Your hair continues to grow a mile a minute – in the back. =) The front is still wispy and fine, while the back has a party going on. But there’s finally enough for little pony tails!

2013-05-01 15.21.21

Curl city.

2013-05-01 15.21.53

You’re also becoming much more snuggly and helpful. Your own unique personality shines through more every day and it is a joy to see and experience!

A few days ago, you helped me make yogurt for a homemade yogurt blog that I’ll be posting soon. =)

2013-04-30 12.44.56

It has been a wonderful month, Little N. And you know what’s exciting? One week from today, you and I will get on a plane to see Ama and Papa and celebrate Auntie J’s bridal shower. It’ll be your first time in California. I can hardly wait!

We love you, sunshine!

2013-05-02 12.10.29