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Little N, we took you to the doctor today for your 15 month well-check visit.

2013-05-06 13.53.48

(Look at those CURLS!!) =D

Some other sweet kids came in for an appointment and you thought they were SO cool! You were all up in their faces, desperate to be friends.

2013-05-06 13.58.35

Nurse P finally called us back to the office. We got you undressed and she weighed you.

19 lbs, 9.5 oz! (5-10th%)

Daddy and I thought for sure that you were finally 20 lbs. Nurse P joked that you probably ARE 20 lbs with your clothes on. My guess is that you vascillate between 19 1/2 and 20 lbs depending on how much you eat/move/poo. You are definitely an active girl!

Then Nurse P measured your long self.

2013-05-06 14.06.53

31 inches! (75%)

That means you’ve grown an inch in the last 3 months. I swear, all the growing energy you get from eating and drinking and sleeping goes into stretching you out longer and longer! I have a feeling you are going to be a tall, willowy girl. =)

Nurse P also measured your head circumference, which came out to 18 1/2 inches (75%).

Then Dr. G came in and talked to a us a bit about your growth and what the percentiles meant. She said that you’re tracking way above average in terms of your height and head circumference. In terms of your weight, you are tracking right along the growth curve, so she’s not worried at all, especially when we assured her that you LOVE food! =)

Mommy didn’t get many pictures while Dr. G was with us because she was asking us a lot of questions about your development. But here’s a cute one I snapped of you, listening very intently to the doctor. =)

2013-05-06 14.07.25

Dr. G was very pleased and excited about your development progress! We showed her your list of words (which total to around 40) and she thought that was stellar, but when we told her that you also know 8 signs, she said “well, those count as words too! So that means she knows almost 50 words. That’s the amount we expect a child to know when they’re 2 years old. She is definitely doing great!”. You waved and blew kisses to Dr. G and made scrunchy faces at Daddy.

2013-05-06 14.12.01

Dr. G checked your ears and eyes and in your diaper, and then she checked your teeth. You did NOT like that! But she managed to confirm that there are definitely a few coming in, and she showed us a very white molar pressing against one of your back gums. She told us that molars are in our future. *sigh*

Dr. G also asked us about how you were sleeping. We explained that you’ve been teething recently (duh), so sleep has not been so great, but that before the teething stint happened, you were sleeping pretty long stretches and only waking up once or twice per night. I also told her that we’ve noticed you beginning to self-soothe, i.e. you begin to whimper but after a few minutes you put yourself back to sleep. This is huge progress! Daddy and I are very excited, and Dr. G said that that was fantastic news. I’m so thankful to have a pediatrician who is so supportive of our parenting choices and rejoices with us when progress is made. =)

We won’t see Dr. G till possibly your two year appointment, because she’s having her second girl in a few weeks! So excited for her and can hardly wait to hear about her own sweet baby.

Then Nurse P came back in to administer your one poke. =(

2013-05-06 14.30.15

We decided again to only get the recommended D-TaP vaccine specifically for pertussis. Nurse P was very grateful – EIGHT vaccines are generally recommended for this appointment and Nurse P said it’s one of her least favorite appointments to do. She was very glad we were only doing one! =)

But you felt betrayed by Nurse P. You’d been sweet and friendly to her, and she ‘stabbed’ you!

2013-05-06 14.30.47

2013-05-06 14.31.00

Poor girl. =( You twitched when the shot went in so, even though Nurse P is a very quick and efficient shot-giver, the needle pulled against your skin. Both Daddy and I sucked our breath in when we saw that. It hurt us too!

Thankfully, you calmed down after a quick nursing session. Dr. G congratulated us on still breastfeeding, saying that it could only benefit us both in terms of overall health and especially with your immune system. =) Yay!

Then we went to get Jamba Juice to celebrate a very good and positive appointment and the sunshine that’s given us 82 degrees and clear skies. =)

Just a few more days till we leave for California, N! Mommy is a bit frazzled with packing lists and trying to remember everything, but I know it’s going to be a such a good trip, filled with family, friends, and good memories. Should be great!