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Little N, you are 17 months old!

Every day, you become more and more a true toddler with flashes of big kid, and your baby qualities continue to melt away.

I admit, I miss the baby you. The squishyness and your sack o’ sugar weight. Your wonderful, sweet smell as a newborn.

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But as much as I miss it all, I wouldn’t trade it for the last 17 months we’ve had with you! What a blessing and adventure it’s been to see your own unique character and personality shine through. =)


It is a BLAST watching you grow, change, and learn! You are so curious and inquisitive. I can’t even count how many words you know now – you learn at least one or two new ones every day!

We have been spending so much time outside lately, because the weather has been amazing!


You loooooooooooove to be outside! It’s your favorite place to be – running around, picking up rocks and sticks, splashing puddles – it’s the best! Coming back inside is horrible after being in the sunshine. =) You are an outdoors girl.

Your Daddy has loved showing you his favorite sport.


Your Daddy loves you so much. This is you and him on Father’s Day. =)


The outside adventures have increased as we re-instated our summer evening walks. It’s so different from last year – now you walk the whole way there and back!


You enjoy making rock salads in Grandma and Grandpa’s back yard.


Eating currants from their bushes.


And riding around on Grandpa’s mower. =)


You are becoming more and more autonomous – you want to do everything by yourself! Be it walking, eating, climbing, drawing, etc, you don’t want any help! Your eye-to-hand coordination and fine motor skills have increased by leaps and bounds this past month, especially in your use of a fork and spoon, but I have no pictures. I do have pictures of you eating though. You love your food!


You have also become quite the comedian. You can make the funniest faces, and you love to make other people laugh. Here is a good example of this. You kept twirling and shrieking and giggling, making us all laugh and laugh. =)

We love your laughter. =)

This is a week of excitement, Little N – in just a few days, you, me, and Daddy will be getting on a plane to go the California again! This time, we’re heading down for Auntie J’s wedding. It will be such a wonderful, celebratory time, and I know Ama, Papa, and Auntie S can hardly wait to see you and us, and we are so excited to see them. =) You’ll get to spend lots more time in the sunshine, and I’m planning to take you swimming a bunch!

Thank you for these last 17 months, Little N. There have been ups and downs and some rough patches – you’ve been figuring out this whole life thing, and we’ve been figuring out this parenting thing! But your Daddy and I wouldn’t change a minute of it, and we wouldn’t change one bit of you! We love you to the moon and back, sweet girl!