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Well, Little N, I skipped a month. Your 17th and 18th months were so busy and full – full of travel and adventure, and many many wonderful memories with family and friends. =)

You are 19 months old today!


You are becoming such a big girl! At your 18 month appointment, you were 21 lbs, 2 oz, and 32 inches tall! Still our long, tall beanpole! =)

You are very close to having TWELVE teeth! You have three molars coming in at once, which are making for some miserable nights. We are ready for those teeth to come out!

You are talking up a STORM. You’re beginning to use longer, two and three word phrases. It is so amazing to be able to communicate with you!

Without further ado, pictures! (I will try to make sure this post isn’t TOO picture heavy, but I mean, I do have a really cute kid. You’ve been warned.) đŸ˜‰

Beach day with the fam down in Cali. =)

100_0474100_0480Reppin’ the Seattle Mariner’s before heading to one of their games!

IMG_3839Spaghetti face!

IMG_3857Some pics from Auntie’ J’s wedding. =)

P1030299 P1030308 P1030311 P1030313 P1030318 P1030326 P1030334

P103033818 Months. =)

IMG_3862Frozen yogurt date. =)

IMG_3875Ready for winter.

IMG_3876Playing with the vanity at Nanny Share.

IMG_3885Old Navy’s newest mannequin. =)


Happy girl. =)


Family fun at the State Fair. =)




Little N, your Daddy and I are prayerfully taking steps to focus more on our family and where we believe God is taking us. We are so excited and hopeful for the future! You are the light of our lives, sweet girl, and we delight in you!