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Little N, you turned 20 months old yesterday!

IMG_4071(This is about how hard it is to get you to stand still for a picture nowadays!)

Every day, you look less and less like a baby and more and more like a little kid.

You dress yourself all the time now. You have an amazing sense of fashion – it truly blows me away at times. =)

IMG_4022(Stripes on stripes with sparkly silver shoes)

IMG_3981You are stunningly beautiful. You had to make sure we saw the striped leggings underneath. =)

We had so much fun during your 19th month. We made cookies together for the first time. Pumpkin cookies are the best!


We had family time at Costco for some pizza and shopping.


Helping Grandma and Grandpa move into their new house meant lots of quality time with Uncles J & J.

IMG_4033IMG_4035IMG_4032You wanted to share your favorite movie, “Wreck-it-Ralph”, with the family. =)

But all the hustle and bustle and activity wore you out!

IMG_4037You love to visit Mommy at work and play with the rolling stools at the library.

IMG_4052IMG_4054IMG_4055IMG_4056You also have lots of fun playing with your friends and doing crafts at NannyShare, where you play twice a week. This week, you all worked on a handprint rainbow craft to remind us of the promise God gave to Noah. =)

IMG_4059IMG_4060IMG_4061IMG_4063I can hardly believe you’re already 20 months old. You’re closer to 2 than ever! You change and grow so much every single day. Mommy and Daddy are both just trying to take it all in and not take a single moment for granted.

You talk up a STORM! We took you to the doctor for a sick visit last week (because you had a nasty cold that just would not go away), and she was again blown away by your verbal skills. Here’s just a snippet of some of the animal sounds you know. =)

It is amazing to be able to TALK to you and converse with you! You are starting to say 4-word phrases now. You easily repeat most phrases that we say to you, and your enunciation and articulation improve with every passing day.

You still eat like a champ, but you are starting to become a bit more picky with your foods. We never have to guess if you don’t like something – you tell us adamantly! We’re working on when it’s best to say “No, thank you” instead of shouting “ALL DONE!”. =)

Tantrums are definitely a regular thing nowadays. Daddy and I often wonder if the ‘terrible two’s” have arrived early. =) We sometimes have communication breakdowns when all of us are tired and patience is thin, but Daddy and I work hard to stay calm and consistent with you, and to provide you with firm boundaries for this world that grows bigger and bigger for you by the minute.

We are still breastfeeding – sometimes I can’t believe it either! My prayer has always been that, as long as it was something you still wanted Little N, then would He please help provide it for you through me. And He has been so faithful! At the start of our nursing journey, I would never have thought that we would do extended breastfeeding – I was just hoping we would make it to one year! But now I have every confidence that we will make it at least to your 2nd birthday, if not beyond. I love the closeness it gives to our relationship, it is a ‘reset’ button for when you’re having a meltdown, it instantly comforts you when you have a nightmare, and it is still providing you with wonderful nutrients and antibodies. I have faith that you’ll self-wean when you’re ready, and that that will be looooong before you head to kindergarten. =)

You are a big cuddle-bug, especially in the mornings! Mommy will NEVER tire of being woken up by your hugs and snuggles! =)

We love you so so stinkin’ much, Little N! Daddy and I shake our heads in wonder at the smart, precocious, kind, thoughtful, and beautiful little girl you are becoming. You are so precious to us. Happy 20 months, sweet girl!