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Little N, you are 22 months old today!


(I snagged this picture right before you tried to hoist your leg into the air, silly girl). =)

It has been a busy busy busy last few months. We took the fall season by the horns and ran with it!

We took one last visit to get Menchie’s frozen yogurt before the weather turned colder.

IMG_4093 IMG_4095 IMG_4101

We took you to a pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins. Mommy has been dreaming of doing this with you since you were born, and it was so much fun! You tried to pick up or sit on every pumpkin you saw. =)


Your hair is long enough for pigtails!


It was so nice to see Uncle J while he was working there. =)


You loved helping Daddy push the wheelbarrow.


I tried to get a smiling picture with you. This is how you interrupt the prompt to smile. =D


Silly girl. =) You were our beautiful pumpkin princess!


We had fun a few days later celebrating Daddy’s birthday. He wanted to go to Cabela’s sports and outdoor store, we got all dressed up to go. You wanted to make sure I saw the fox on your shirt. =)


You love your Daddy and he sure loves you!



Mommy made a big hearty lasagna for Daddy’s birthday dinner.


I think he liked it!


The weather finally turned colder and we broke out our winter hats and coats. You went on many long, wonderful walks with Grandma and Grandpa through the leaves.




You LOVE to see planes in the sky!

“Wait, I think I see a plane!”


“Der’s a paaane! Up inda tye!!!”


“Where da paaane go?”


You were an adorable ladybug for Halloween. =)


Auntie S came to visit for a few days, and we had so much fun that we hardly took any pictures. But it was so lovely to see her. You think she’s the coolest. =)


You also turned 21 months while she was here.


Your Daddy and I celebrated our ‘together’ anniversary. 5 beautiful years together. He is truly my best friend, Little N. Mommy is so glad that God picked him for me and me for him, and that God picked you for us!



We were also part of an elaborate scheme to throw a surprise 80th birthday party for your Great-Grandpa Skolrud. Many family members secretly flew in from all over the country to surprise him on his special day. It was so wonderful to see so many people. Almost 50 family members all gathered together. You are part of an amazing legacy and heritage, Little N. It is truly a blessing. =)

You, Daddy, and Uncle J taking a walk before the party began.


You loved playing the piano at Uncle R and Aunt C’s. You played with cousin A and cousin Z. =)



Mommy got to be a part of the famous Skolrud girls butt picture. =) One day you’ll be old enough to join us, Little N. =)



Family is a beautiful thing, N. I hope you never take it for granted. =)

The following week, we had some good fun playing at H’s house. H is your very first friend. =)

It took you a little while to acclimate to a new environment. And even after seeing all the toys, what enthralled you the most was crawling into their kitchen cupboards. =)


But then we discovered that both you and H LOVE bathtime! We had to get in on that.


Sure enough, you both had SO much fun! We parents enjoyed seeing you two play together. H and his family are very dear to us, and I’m so glad we can see you two grow up together. And seeing as how you love babies, N, I know you’ll be over the moon when H’s little sister M joins the party in a few months. =)


Right before Thanksgiving, Grandma painted your thumbnails! I only got a picture of the ‘during’ process, because you were so in love with your red thumbs that you didn’t want to share them with anybody. =)


Grandma and Grandpa let your turn a big cardboard box into a ‘house’. You love to close up all the flaps to ‘go to seep’, or beat on the top of it like a drum. =)



Your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner was the sparkling apple cider. =)


The amount you’ve grown in the last two months is astouding. Your cognitive and verbal skills are through the roof. You speak in full sentences now, and you love to narrate everything we’re doing, i.e. “Mommy hairdryer off” “Veggie Tales Pirates over now” “Give kiss make better”. It always amazes me how much you know and understand from day to day.

You love to find our phones and take silly face pictures. =)





And my personal favorite:


You also are still in love with art. Drawing, coloring, painting, etc. – you love it and want to do it all the time. =)


We are wildly in love with you, N. I can’t believe you’re going to be 2 in TWO months! Mommy and Daddy are so blessed to be your parents and we can’t wait to experience this Christmas season with you. =)

Happy 22 months months, sweet girl!