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Little N, you turned 23 months yesterday!


To say that this is blowing my mind would be a gross understatement. You are turning TWO in less than a month! Break out the tissues. 😉


We had a lovely December and a wonderful Christmas in CA!

If you loved planes before, your love for them has expanded considerably. The airports were the best!


This was your last free flight before you turn two. You thought ‘fy-ing up inna tye’ was the coolest!


On Christmas Eve we walked through Universal City Walk. It was the first time for you and Daddy!


You and Auntie S split some frozen yogurt. =)



I loved seeing you walk with my family, N. You all have mad love for each other. When we arrived at the airport, you ran right into Auntie S’s arms, and that blessed the snot out of me. =)


You had lots of cuddle and cookie-baking time with Ama and Papa.



And you LOVED being able to hold the candle (with Daddy) at the Christmas Eve candlelight service!


When we got home, we opened our Christmas jammies. You were so excited that yours had Santa on them!


And you had even more fun helping Daddy open his jammies. =D


Christmas Day pictures are still locked away on our big camera, which I don’t have with me! My sincere apologies. =(

Christmas night, we went to our neighborhood’s annual Christmas party. You looked so lovely in your dress but did NOT want to take a picture. This was the best that 3 cameras could get:


We did all of your hair up in a high ponytail that night and I loved it!


We had a lovely time, but this is how you felt about being there at the end of the night. ;D


Arguably, your favorite Christmas present was a cuddly, soft, plush Goodnight Moon bunny. You took him on the plane ride back home and since then, he rarely leaves your side. It is precious and also the first time you have seriously attached yourself to anything! I’m not sure if it will last, but I’m stocking up on pictorial evidence while it does! You call him ‘G’night Moon’. =) Thank you thank you, Aunt Patti, for gifting her with her bunny! She LOVES him!




On New Year’s Eve, a miracle occurred – you, my beloved child who hates for me to even TOUCH your hair – you allowed me to FRENCH BRAID your hair! So gorgeous!


Seriously, I was giddy for the entire ten minutes that french braid lasted until it started to fall apart because your hair is so wispy-fine. It was glorious and I hope you’ll let me do it again soon! Your hair is finally getting long enough to do things beyond a ponytail with it, which is super exciting for this mama. =D

Your big Christmas present from Mommy and Daddy didn’t arrive until after we got back from CA and we didn’t build it till New Year’s Day, so it was a bit belated, but I think we still picked a winner. =)


You LOVE this kitchen! You walked right up to it first thing, like it had always been there, and declared you were ‘making soop’. We have now had ‘peetza’, oatmeal, ‘soop’ and ‘eye cream’ (ice cream) from your kitchen.




With all your adorable precociousness, Little N, there are still very evident signs that you are charging toward two-years-old with all your might! You have found and latched onto the word ‘NO’ and use it often. You have exhibited clearly defiant and ugly behavior when things don’t go your way. We have had to tweak our methods of correction and discipline to accomdate your growing vocabulary and expanding long-term memory. We are working on helping you find the words to describe what’s going on in your heart when you throw a fit or act out in an unacceptable way. We don’t want to just change your behavior – your behavior stems from your heart. We want to understand and help you understand what’s going on in your heart and how that correlates to God, His gospel and His grace. We want to have your heart, Little N, so that you will hopefully trust us to guide you and your heart towards Jesus.  It’s definitely a work in progress, but we are seeing good fruit from it in you and in ourselves. It has been amazing to me to not only see original sin in such a tiny person, but to see the Holy Spirit and the grace of God work in the heart of such a tiny person. Truly amazing!

While the tantrums and not-so-fun behaviors and outbursts have been increasing, your cuddles, hugs, kisses and snuggles have increased right along with it. When you are in a good mood, you are in a REALLY good mood! The mornings are the best. I love waking up to hearing you say “hug mommy!” “kiss mommy!”. Fills my love tank right up. =)


 You are so cooperative and kind-hearted. You love to be a big helper and help family members with anything you can. You talk a mile a minute and many of your sentences are complete and you use perfect syntax. Your verbage and vocabulary daily blow me away! Your fine motor skills are greatly improving, and you can remember our Gospel verses, John 3:16 and Romans 5:8, with minimal prompting. I am so stinkin’ proud of you, girl!

January will be a bit of a hard month for Mommy, as we approach brother Cormac‘s due date. But there are things I’m looking forward to as well, such as planning your Veggie Tales birthday party! It’s going to be such fun and I can hardly wait!

We love you so incredibly much, Little N, even though you’re not quite so little anymore. In a month you’ll be two, and there will be no more month updates after that. Mommy will have to start getting creative with this blog. 😉 You light up our life and Mommy and Daddy are so glad that being on this parenting journey means we are learning about and parenting YOU! It is a joy to watch you learn and grow and see your own unique personality shine through. We love you love you, bugaboo!