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N, my sweet, beautiful girl, you turned two years old on Sunday.

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I feel split down the middle in terms of my feelings about this, you being two. On the one hand, I feel like I have really tried to not take a moment with you for granted. I have been aware from the very beginning that this time while you are small is fleeting and that I will miss this. I have tried very hard to be present in every moment with you.


On the other hand, I feel like “where did the time go? Where was I over the last two years? How are you already two? Weren’t we just standing in the kitchen of our old apartment, amazed at how you were already a week old?”

I will not grieve you growing older. I will miss your baby days, but they are stored carefully in my heart. I am so excited for the future, to watch your personality shift and change and blossom. I am thrilled that I, among all women, was chosen to be YOUR mommy, that I get to have a front-row seat to how God will move and work in your life.


You delight me, N. Do you know that? I delight in you! I love to just sit and watch you go about your day and figure out the world. It is a joy to see your mind expand.

You are also the most delightful goofball. =D


It is hard to believe how much smaller you were just a year ago!


You had a wonderful birthday. Ama flew up to spend the weekend with you.


She made you a sweet little apron for you to wear when you’re cooking in our kitchen or yours. =)


Grandpa and Grandma got you a sweet Red Flyer trike that we can push for you until you’re ready to take off on your own.

DSC_0313Uncle Jo was here for your birthday too. =)


We had your 2 year annual doctor’s appointment. You are 22.6 lbs, 33 inches tall, and 110% healthy! Dr. G was so impressed by how smart you are and how many words you can say.


I’m planning a separate post about your birthday party, but suffice it say, it went well and you thoroughly enjoyed your cake. =)


I am so excited for this next year with you, N. It is truly the greatest blessing to be your Mommy. =)


Happy Birthday, N! We love you to the moon and back, bugaboo!