Today, we have been married for 4 years.


That’s 48 months.

1,461 days (we had a leap year in there).

Countless memories and moments.


It has not all been easy. Someone told me early on that marriage is ‘wonderful work’, and how true that is. Sometimes the work is in keeping it wonderful when the days are hard and the nights are long, the baby is teething and the dishes haven’t been done in far too long.

But sometimes (oftentimes),  the work of it all – changing diapers, making meals, planning dates, doing laundry, working full-time – the work of living life together – is wonderful. The ordinary infused with wonder and beauty because, while it may be hard, I get to do it all with you.


You are my very best friend, the one God made for me. My perfect puzzle piece. I grew up as a little girl dreaming of the man I would one day marry. I could not have dreamed you. That’s how amazing you are. But God did. Before I was even a thought on earth, He ordained you for me. That knowledge makes me drop to my knees in sheer gratitude.


Thank you for always falling forward, for always moving towards me in tough times and tense moments, instead of away. The natural human inclination when stressed or angry is to shut down and withdraw, but you pursue me even then, especially then. It is a huge part of why after 4 years of marriage and over 5 1/2 years together, we have still never had a true fight.


You still make me smile so big it makes my face hurt. My favorite place is still in your arms and I still sleep the best when you’re near me. I still get butterflies when you bring me flowers and it melts my heart that you still call me your bride.

Thank you for choosing me forever, Ryan. I will always choose you back. I love you, baby. Happy Anniversary!



*HUGE props and special thanks to Heather Olson of Holson Photography who took our incredible wedding photos and is a dear friend to us.*