How far along? 24 weeks today! I am beyond thrilled and grateful to get to this week – the point of viability!

Total weight gain: None! Before anyone gets too shocked, I lost almost 6 lbs during my first tri, so I’ve been slowly gaining that back and am now just under my pre-pregnancy weight. I only gained 22 lbs with N, so we’ll see how much packs on in these next few months.

Food cravings: Protein. I seem to always want some sort of protein. Honey nut cheerios, every morning. Good smells seem to get to me rather than the idea of something, i.e. I’ll have no idea what I want to eat, and then I’ll smell something delicious and say, ‘Whatever that is, I want THAT.” =)

Anything making you queasy or sick: It’s seems my endless dry heaving has finally gone away. (YAY!) Nowadays, I feel most icky when I don’t drink enough water, am too stressed, or don’t get enough sleep.

Symptoms: HEARTBURN. Every night. I had this with N too, so it didn’t come as much of a surprise. I think I’ve also started feeling Braxton Hicks. Low energy reserves. I have energy, but not much!

Mood: A bit anxious. This girl will be here in 4 months, and we have so much to do before she arrives!

Sleep: Depends on the night. With working nights, I don’t get to sleep until 12:30-1am, and whether or not I wake up before the sun rises depends on N. But it is pretty good in general, especially because N’s sleep has gotten SO much better. It really deserves a post all on its own.

Dreams: Mostly just weird, random dreams that I don’t remember when I wake up. With N, I had at least 3 or 4 incredibly vivid dreams, but that hasn’t been the case this time, at least not yet.

Kicking Patterns: She is moving and bopping around every day! I’m so thankful to feel these movements. I have an anterior placenta this time around, which means the placenta is in front of Little I instead of behind her. Totally healthy, but it creates an extra barrier in terms of feeling movement. With N, I felt movement pretty early, around 14.5 weeks, and it wasn’t until almost 17 weeks that I felt Little I move. I’ve been noticing some consistent “awake” times – this girl is always moving when I wake up in the mornings, usually around 8-8:30am. She also seems to like the 12 o’clock hour – whether it be noon or midnight, this girl is having a dance party around those times! I’m curious to see if these ‘awake’ patterns will continue after she’s born. Both Ry and N have felt Little I kick. N says Little I is giving her high fives. =)

Appointments: We have our 24 week appt on Tuesday! (which is also Ry’s birthday)

Preparations for baby: Not a lot, so far. We have many plans for preparations, but not a lot of actual preparing has been happening yet, other than methodically creating a freezer meal or two every week or so. There is much to do – re-organizing our room so stuff for Little I will fit in there, renting a storage space for the extra stuff in our apartment that we won’t need when Little I is born, getting new car seats for N and checking that our current car seats still pass muster so we can (hopefully!) pass them on to Little I, etc, etc. It will all get done, I know it! =)

Still feeling so blessed and thankful for how healthy and uneventful this pregnancy has been. So excited to be the mommy of two girlies!