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How far along? 28 weeks today!


Total weight gain: 3.5 lbs! Woo hoo! =) After a stagnant month of not gaining or losing, my body must have decided to kick into gear, because I’ve now been steadily gaining 1/2 – 1 lb per week.

Food cravings: Still protein, any kind of protein. Milk tends to always sound good – I have cereal for breakfast almost every morning (Raisin Bran Crunch for the win!). Most everything tends to sound good. The short list is of things that DON’T sound good – eggs and cheese are still hit or miss (and have been this entire pregnancy!).

Anything making you queasy or sick: Stress or not getting enough sleep. And Ry has to check if our milk is still good EVERY time, because even the thought of smelling soured milk makes me queasy.

Symptoms: Still heartburn. So much heartburn. I could probably buy stock in Tums. =) I can tell I’m entering my third trimester – my energy levels have dropped, it takes more effort to get up (if N wants me to play on the floor with her, odds are I’m staying there for a while). =) Headaches! I get a gnarly headache every 7-10 days. I do not generally get headaches, and did not really get them with N. But they have been pretty frequent this pregnancy.

Mood: Pretty good. =) I don’t know if I’m starting to ‘nest’ early or what, but Ry and I did a LOT of work to clean our apartment last week, and we’ve been working hard to maintain it so it doesn’t get messy again. I feel SO much better and relaxed when the floors and surfaces are clean, and I’ve been feeling consistently motivated to clean and tidy. Maybe the ‘nesting’ urge is kicking in early because there is still quite a bit to do!

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping ok. Little I seems to be turning me into a napper. I don’t really take naps, generally. It takes too long for my brain to wind down enough so I can sleep. However, I have probably taken 5-6 naps in the last month! This is momentous for me. =) So far, the hardest thing about sleeping lately is trying to turn over. My belly is definitely starting to get in the way. =D

Dreams: I am probably dreaming, but I think I’m sleeping too deeply to remember my dreams.

Kicking Patterns: At our 24 week appt, I was given a ‘kick count’ chart to fill out, to monitor that Little I was kicking at least 10 times in a 2 hr period every day. I have not even filled that paper out – this girl moves ALL.THE.TIME. Every 1-2 hours, she’s kicking, punching, twisting, bumping, you name it. She is super active! It’s starting to get a bit more uncomfortable as she gets bigger, but I am still SO grateful for every move she makes. =)

Appointments: We had my 28 week appt yesterday. All good news – her heartrate was great, I PASSED my 1 hour glucose test! (I didn’t pass the 1 hour test with N and had to do the 3 hour test – suffice it to say it was MISERABLE). My iron levels are also normal, which was an unexpected praise – I am generally chronically anemic. Must be all the protein I’m eating. =)

Preparations for baby: We are slowly making room and clearing things out to get ready for Little I. We’re saving up for new car seats for N (hopefully N’s current car seats are still solid enough that we can pass them down to Little I. Getting them checked is on the to-do list!). I’ve started working through all of N’s old clothes and things to ascertain what Little I will still need. I’ve created a registry for Little I so I can keep track of what we’ll need that we don’t already have (also, registry coupons for the win!). If anyone is interested, Little I’s registry is with Target. =) I turned in my maternity leave notice to HR at my job, and I received my Pre-Registration form for the hospital – we’re definitely heading in to the final stages of getting ready to have a baby!


I still can hardly believe sometimes that I get to be the mommy of two sweet girls. That I get to have another baby at ALL after our two miscarriages. There is definitely a profound sense of gratitude and joy with this pregnancy that I know I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t gone through the storm of losing Cormac and Asher. All praise and glory to God! We can’t wait to meet this sweet girl. =D