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How far along?  32 weeks today!


Total weight gain:  7ish lbs. I have had much less weight gain this time around than I did with N, so I asked my doctor about it yesterday at my appointment. She assured me that Little I looks fine, and that as long as I’m eating (which I am!), I should be ok. I’m continually reminded that every pregnancy is different. =)

Food cravings: The most recent has been egg nog french toast. SO good! I still love having a bowl of raisin bran crunch – with extra raisins! – for breakfast every morning. I still crave a decent amount of protein every day. Eggs are still hit or miss, but yogurt and I are slowly becoming re-acquainted – again. =)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Most recently, it seems I can’t go too long without eating in the morning. I think my body has gotten used to me eating breakfast somewhere between 8:30-10am every morning, and if I go past that, my stomach gets cranky! Stress is still a big nausea-inducer too, which has not made this holiday season fun. I’m working on stepping back and delegating a few things off my plate. My body is very clearly telling me to SLOW DOWN. =)

Symptoms: Still heartburn – feels like it never ends sometimes. I also have wretched pelvic and leg pain. Most nights, I hobble around like I’m 90 because it is so painful to walk. With N, my back and joints felt amazing because of the relaxin hormone released in pregnancy – everything was relaxed and happy. This time around, it seems that the relaxin just causes my joints to move around all the time, most often out-of-place. I am going to a great chiropractor every two weeks to at least manage the pain. I am praying and hopeful that I’ll be able to walk normally again after Little I is born.

Mood: Pretty good, for the most part! Trying to delegate or let go of some of the things on my plate that are stressful definitely helps my mood. =)

Sleep: Sleep has been hit or miss. We are having a very warm December here in the PNW, and with all the extra blood in my system, I am HOT all the time. We have a fan and an air conditioner blowing full blast in our room every night. Poor Ry huddles under multiple blankets while I bake under a sheet. =) However, I was gifted a therapeutic grade side-sleeper pillow which has been amazing for my neck and shoulders. I am so grateful!

Dreams: I know I’m having them, but I cannot remember them to save my life!

Kicking Patterns: This girl is a MOVER! Way more so than I remember N being. Little I wiggles and squirms and kicks and punches constantly! I am still so thankful for all her movements (except when she punches me in the nethers – she is already grounded for that!). Many people have told me that second babies tend to be mellower and quieter, but unless Little I is getting all her energy out now, I do not see that being the case! She also, just this week, started getting hiccups. =)

Appointments: I had my 32 week appointment yesterday. Everything went well – N was so excited to hear Little I’s heartbeat again and as soon as we heard it thump-thumping away, she got the BIGGEST smile on her face. So precious. =) My blood pressure was a tiny bit more elevated than usual, but still well within the norm (my blood pressure is generally on the low side), so my doctor was not concerned. We set up the rest of my appointments through my due date, which was definitely surreal!

Preparations for baby: We have been gaining some headway in this area. Ry and I did a massive purge of all our clothes, moved three dressers out of our room and consolidated both our wardrobes into one dresser. We got the massive bookshelf that was in our room moved out and set up the co-sleeper next to my side of the bed. There is so much SPACE in our room now! I feel much better now that I know Little I has somewhere to sleep no matter when she decides to arrive. We set up an appointment to get our current car seats inspected, and we got the covers for the car seats washed (which was SO long overdue – ew!). There’s still a fair bit on the to-do list, but it’s been put on hold until after the holidays. =)


It is still so hard to believe that we’ll be holding our sweet second-born in about two months! I cannot wait to hold this precious girl. She is the answer to our prayers. =)