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How far along? 38 weeks today!


Total weight gain: 22 lbs as of this morning, which is exactly how much I gained with N. Stands to reason I will probably gain a bit more if I’m still pregnant for another 2-3 weeks. After going so many months with hardly gaining anything, my body has decided to really pack it on lately!

Food cravings: Root beer floats! Pretty sure we’re going to have them tonight, and I am SO excited! Protein is still big for me, and I’m still craving orange juice, although I’ve been abstaining because it makes my horrible heartburn even worse!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not lately, thank goodness!

Symptoms: Still SPD (symphysis pubic dysfunction). Heartburn like WHOA. Generally feeling huge and waddle-y.

Mood: Pretty good! Nesting has kicked in BIG time, so even though it completely wears me out, getting so much done really calms my brain down and helps me feel better emotionally.

Sleep: All praise be to GOD, I am sleeping better! The last week or so, I’ve been averaging 4-6 hours with a wake-up to (painfully!) turn over, and then dozing or sleeping for another 1-2 hours. It’s been wonderful and has definitely helped my mood.

Dreams: I’ve had a few labor dreams! All of them ending with happily snuggling Little I. I can hardly wait. =D

Kicking Patterns: She is still the most active child! She is now so very cramped but she still tries to stretch out, which hurts! I keep telling her there’s not enough room for her to move like that, but stubborn miss won’t listen. 😉

Labor Signs: I had my first bout of false labor about a week ago. I had 3-4 bouts with N before the real deal, so I knew pretty quickly that it was a false alarm. I think false labor is just one of the ways my body gets ready for birth. It’s definitely annoying though!

Appointments: I had my 38 week appointment yesterday. I am 2 cm dilated, 50% effaced. I’m glad to have made some progress, and I hope to dilate a bit more before labor. Little I’s heartrate is great and she is still head down. I tested positive for Group B Strep, which is a bummer. I tested positive with N as well, and it basically means I have to be hooked up to an IV with antibiotics for the majority of my labor, which limits my movement. Not insurmountable, but still frustrating.

Preparations for baby: We have been kicking butt with preparations! Nesting energy for the win! I have made lactation cookies, padsicles, smoothie packs, and a few freezer meals. We cleared out a lot of stuff in our apartment, got a new changing table/dresser and nightstand, and got all of Little I’s clothes and things sorted and put into place. Our hospital bag is (mostly) packed, N’s overnight bag is all put together, and the swing and rock n’ play covers are washed and ready to go. We’ve also been doing a lot of general cleaning to get our apartment clean and ready for guests and family who may visit. All I have left on my list is to get chocolate chip cookies made for our nurses and to finish getting the apartment clean. I may try to squeeze in a pre-natal massage or a mani/pedi too. We’ll see!


Less than a month. Less than a MONTH and we will for sure be holding this sweet girl. I am so excited to meet her, our sweet rainbow baby. Her name means “bearer of light”, and she is certainly bringing light back into some dark places of our lives.

N’s 3rd birthday is just over a week away. I can hardly believe it’s already been 3 years since that precious girl made me a mommy. We’re planning a little princess party for her and I hope to get a blog post up just for N and all her wonderfulness.