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How far along? 40 weeks!


Total weight gain: Still 22 lbs.

Food cravings: Protein, chai or raspberry tea, and chocolate chip cookies. =)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not lately, thank goodness!

Symptoms: My SPD (symphysis pubic dysfunction) has actually felt MUCH better. I can only attribute this to God. I can still feel the looseness of my joints, and it’s still very uncomfortable, but the intense pain and popping I was feeling has almost entirely abated. I am SO thankful! My feet have begun swelling almost every night. Heartburn is still my worst enemy. I’m so ready to be done with Tums!

Mood: DONE. I am so done. I have been physically done for a while, but mentally I was still in a place of “Little I, if you still need time to grow and it’s not quite time for us to meet you, that’s ok”. That ended last Sunday. I am now mentally, physically, completely and entirely done. She needs to come out!

Sleep: I have still been sleeping better than before. =)

Dreams: Still having happy labor dreams. Ready for them to come true!

Kicking Patterns: Still a mover and a shaker. This is girl is so active! I keep asking her, “Are you going to be a dancer? A gymnast? A track runner?” =)

Labor Signs: I have now had false labor 3 times, and one bout of what I’m pretty sure was prodromal labor, which feels like REAL labor, but is generally for the purpose of getting the baby to turn out of an unfavorable position. I had painful, crampy contractions every 4 minutes, lasting over a minute long, for 2 hours. The only thing that kept me from dashing to the hospital was that the contractions never got closer together. After two hours, they petered out, and two hours after that, she did this almighty twist and flip in my belly (OW!) that I think was her turning around.

Still no other labor signs. *sigh*

Appointments: I had my 40 week appointment yesterday. In one week, I went from 2cm, 50% effaced to 4cm, 60% effaced! My ob was amazed at the progress. I feel so much better about going into labor with my body having made that much progression. Now if it would only get the hint and kick into gear! We are wrestling with whether or not to set an induction date. There are many pros, but also many cons. We would much rather Little I come on her own, because being induced is NOT fun. Prayers for peace and guidance are appreciated!

Preparations for baby: Chocolate chip cookies have been made, more freezer meals stored, and now we’ve mostly been doing routine upkeep and maintenance to keep the apartment clean. We are just about as ready as we can be for this girl!


I am really struggling with the possibility/likelihood of going overdue again. N was 8 days late, which felt UNENDING, and I ended up being induced, which was highly unpleasant. On top of that, we are just so ready to meet this sweet girl! Come on out, Little I!

Hopefully my next post will be introducing our precious second-born!

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