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Little I, you are 8 months old today!

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Please forgive Mommy. Since you were born, this is the first blog post I’ve written at all, and that I’ve written for you! I hope you don’t feel less loved, sweet girl, because you are SO overwhelmingly loved! We are besotted with you!

Things have been so very bustling and busy since you were born. Probably the biggest development is that we are moving! Not very far – just one street over, but from an apartment to a house! We move in 6 days. We are so excited! You will probably take your first steps in that house.

It’s hard to believe how big and mobile you are now, Little I. Weren’t you just my wee little squish who slept all the time?


I mean really.




You slept allllllllll the time! Our pictures of you with eyes open during your first month are few and far between!

You are a wonderful little sleeper, all things considered, and when compared with big sister N. N struggled to establish a good relationship with sleep, although it is (thankfully!) pretty well established now.

But you! You slept through the night (8 hours!) for the first time at 5.5 weeks old! It scared me and Daddy half to death!

THAT particular feat has yet to occur again, but for all intents and purposes, and considering the fact that you are a baby who teethes and gets gas and goes through mental leaps, you are a good sleeper, and we are thankful!

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Our nursing relationship has been strong through your first 6 months exclusively, and is continuing to do well now that we’ve introduced you to solids. This was one of Mommy’s biggest prayers while you were still growing inside her – that Mommy’s supply would be enough to not be concerned for you; not an over or under supply, but just enough. The Lord has completely answered that prayer. Not once have I been worried about whether there was enough milk for you. Praise the Lord!

You are loving being introduced to solids. You’re a big fan of our homemade yogurt.

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You take things at your own pace. N was/is a go-getter; she hit every milestone at the earliest mark. You are more laid-back. Rolling over? Pish. I’ll roll over ONCE at 5 months to appease Mom’s heart, but I’ll wait to roll over all the time until 7 months. Why bother when everyone always picks me up? =)

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You have four teeth! Your teeth came in much earlier than N’s. You handle teething like a champ – gnawing on frozen breastmilk helps you a lot.

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Watching you and N interact is a delight. N LOVES you! Often, far too exuberantly! She is beyond ready for you to be big enough to play. She struggles to understand that babies get overwhelmed easily, and sometimes, you just want your space! Sister loves to be as snuggled (read: SMOOSHED) as close as possible to you. Your relationship is still new, and y’all are still working through the kinks, as you will for the rest of your lives. But not many can make you smile as big as Sissy can.

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You are learning to clap! You’re working hard at figuring out some kind of forward motion – it frustrates you when you can’t get to where you want to go!

You are such a joy to us, Little I. You charm the pants off of everyone you meet. You seem to have a very laid-back, go with the flow kind of personality. We are soaking up every moment with baby you, because you are growing up so fast!

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We adore you, Little I. You are our sweet rainbow baby. You brought light back into places that were dark in our hearts. That is, in part, why we chose your name – it means ‘light-bearer’. We believe and are praying that God will use you to bear His light through your own sunshine personality to bring hope to those who are hurting.

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Happy 8 months, Little I. Mommy, Daddy, and N love you so much!

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