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Little I, you are one.


Daddy and I can hardly believe how fast this past year flew by!

You were born with the rising of the sun and quickly established your place in our family. We cannot imagine our lives, the world, without you in it.


Your name means “light bearer”, Little I, which is beyond true! You bring light and cheerfulness everywhere you go.

You have really come into your own personality in the last few months. You are happy and laid back for the most part, although you do get a burr in your britches about some things, and you can *very* vocally let us know! You like to do things at your own pace – sometimes fast and ahead of the game, sometimes slow and steady to the finish line.

You are big snuggle-bug. N was not much of a snuggler as a baby, but you love to burrow in and relax on the shoulders of those that love you and that you feel safe with. This momma is soaking it up!


Papa got some great snuggles at Christmas

We have nursed for over a year now! After all of my troubles with breastfeeding N during her first year, my biggest prayer about it to God in terms of you was that I would produce enough to not be concerned for you or my supply, and He has above and beyond answered that prayer. We had our own issues, especially at the start, battling through a brief period of oversupply and then a nasty case of thrush, but we made it through and have a wonderful nursing relationship. I am so grateful for this brief time of continual close bonding with you.

For as cheerful and laid-back as your temperament is, you are a mover and shaker! You love to dance, wiggle, crawl, climb, wave, kick, and cruise! Your fine motor skills have improved by leaps and bounds – you now wave, clap, give high fives, sign “please”, and we are working on blowing kisses.


You’ve also begun standing alone for 2-3 seconds at a time, before you realize what you’re doing and drop back to the floor. =) Walking is in the near future!

You have always been a pretty good sleeper, since birth. We are (hopefully, prayerfully, please dear Lord) coming out of a wretched two month span of very little sleep for Mommy.  You gained 5 teeth within 6 weeks (you have EIGHT now!), and nursing helped soothe your achy gums at night. Therefore, you have wanted to nurse and be attached all night. The last few nights have been better though, so I’m hoping we have turned the corner!


You LOVE to eat! The only food I can think of that I know you dislike is avocados. You inhale just about anything else. You love yogurt, peanut butter, all kinds of fruit, iron cubes (broccoli, spinach, and kale mixed), scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, salmon, chicken – pretty much anything we eat, you eat too! We are thankful that your palette is diverse and that you love eating foods that are good for you.

You sure did love your first no holds barred taste of processed sugar though!


We had a wonderful first birthday party for you. Mommy set up a fun tea party and you were surrounded by friends and family who adore you and loved celebrating you.


You were gifted books to begin building your future library. Reading is important to us, and we pray you will fall in love with reading, and that that will in turn lead you to love reading God’s Word, as well as wonderful literature.


You got some great gems!

Your language has exploded over the last few weeks. We can practically see the connections being made in your mind! It’s incredible to witness. Your very first word was “Hiiiiiiii!”. You can also say “dada”, “tuh” for button, “Nooooo!”, as well as make the sign for “please”. I just know that you’re thiiiiis close to saying “mama”. 😉


All dolled up for Uncle J’s wedding

You LOVE your big sister! You want to be wherever she is and do whatever she does! You are fascinated by her long golden hair, and you love to touch her face. The two of you will ‘talk’ and interact during car rides or while playing at home and it’s so fun to watch your relationship grow and expand. Friends will come and go, but siblings are forever. I pray you will be each other’s best friend, confidant, encourager, and advocate for many many years to come. God knew that you two needed each other.



photo editing courtesy of Grandma. =)

We had your one year appointment today. You are

19.6 lbs

29.5 inches

18.4 inch head circumference.

That is a 2 oz loss in weight, a inch and a half gain in height, and an inch gain in head circumference since your 9 month appointment.

Dr. G was so impressed by how your language has developed and your fine motor skills have improved!

She was a touch concerned that there was a loss in weight over the course of 3 months, so we’ll be stuffing you with lots of protein and calories. Both you girls must have crazy high metabolisms!

She also checked on an ongoing diaper rash that you’ve had since before Christmas. A swab sent to the lab a few weeks ago came back with yeast and bacteria results, so we’ve been treating those with no real change. Dr. G wonders if eczema might be the root cause, since you have a family history of eczema on Daddy’s side. We’re trying a super strong steroid ointment. If there isn’t a marked improvement within a week, we will be referred to a dermatologist to figure out what’s going on. We are praying that this ointment will clear the rash right up. We are thankful that despite discomfort and itchiness, you have, by in large, kept your sweet, cheerful attitude.

We adore you, Little I. You are beautiful, amazing, perfectly made, precocious, mischievous, gentle, smart, tender-hearted, and strong. You have the most sparkly smile that charms everyone you meet. You bear light everywhere you go. We are beyond thankful and blessed to have a front row seat to your life and all God has planned to work in and through you. We delight in you, precious girl!