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It’s been quite a blur over the last few months.IMG_0025[1]

It’s been a busy summer for the Skolrud family. Keeping up with these girls is both a challenge and a joy!


They have both loved swimming this summer, although N has been less than thrilled with constant applications of sunscreen. =)



For all that she hated water as a baby, Little I LOVES water now! Bath and pool time are her favorite. This golden baby has been loving all the outside time the summer provides.


This rainbow baby is nearly 18 months old! Her language and fine motor skills are exploding. This has made for a few sleepless nights as her little brain works to process all that she’s learning and absorbing. However she is still, by in large, a great sleeper. She is also a voracious eater! There is not much this girl does not like – tart/acidic fruits are the first thing that come to mind, which I think is just a matter of her taste buds maturing more. This girl loves her bananas, yogurt, pouches, sautéed veggies, meat, cheese, eggs, oatmeal, you name it! She is nearly always game to try a bite of something. We are still nursing, although the amount has drastically reduced – maybe 2-3 times a day, tops. She is quick to smile, quick to laugh, even quicker to jump right in and involve herself in whatever is going on. She thinks N is the best thing since sliced bread – she still doesn’t say N’s name, opting to call her ‘Sissy’ instead. My own sister called me “Sissy” for ages, so I’m not worried about it. All in due time. =)

Little I is our snuggle bunny, our try and try again girl. She will actively work at mastering something until she gets it, or finally brings it to one of us to complete. It is never without multiple minutes of her trying to do it herself though!

She is determined to be as independent as possible. Sister has her opinions and voices them! She’s learning the rules and testing the boundaries, so we’re working to provide her balance and stability as she discovers the first beginnings of her identity and her place in the world. She is such a delight and we are loving watching her unique personality shine brighter.



N just turned 4 1/2! I am in complete denial that we are now on the downward trend to 5. It’s been a bit of a calm summer for our resident extrovert – her preschool doesn’t meet for the summer, and Ry’s and my work schedules make scheduling play dates difficult. It has definitely helped that Little I has been big enough to interact and play with this year.

N is curiouser and curiouser – she wants to KNOW and UNDERSTAND anything she learns or thinks about! This has made for some funny, interesting, embarrassing, and sometimes heartbreaking conversations. Just recently, she asked some in-depth questions about the losses of Cormac and Asher. We are continuing to seek the Lord’s guidance to remain truthful and not sugarcoat things for her, while keeping the information we provide age appropriate.

She is so funny and interesting and a delight to watch and listen to and learn. She loves all things princess and girly, and also loves learning how the body works, and is hardly grossed out by anything. She loves to run and tumble and jump. I’m excited for her to see the gymnastics at the Olympics. Perhaps her interest will be sparked for a gymnastics class in the fall. =)


One of the main reasons our summer has been a bit calmer and slow-paced is because our family is growing again!


We are thrilled to be welcoming a son to our family! Meet Little R. He is the answer to big sister N’s prayers, who avidly prayed every night for a brother, months before Little R’s existence. Her reasoning? “We need someone to match Daddy”. =) Little R is due early December. I am so excited to snuggle my sweet son under the twinkly Christmas lights.


A few more summer pictures:

For Father’s Day, Ry took us girls to his favorite driving range.



We’ve also visited our local lake a few times.


I opted to put the girls in matching dresses for Independence Day and don’t regret it one bit. How CUTE are they? =D


We also had a whirlwind trip to CA to see my parents and sister. I did not get many pictures that trip (Little I was busy clinging to me in every possible way – all the newness fostered some major separation anxiety), but we had a wonderful time soaking in the love and time with family and friends.


The girls and I got to meet my best friend’s baby, Little A. Definitely a trip highlight!


We are looking forward to a few more summer festivities – the 2016 Olympics (USA! USA!), as well as the local state fair, which has become our annual summer tradition. We’re hoping to also squeeze in a zoo visit as well, along with more lake trips and swimming.

I plan to post more updates about my pregnancy with Little R in the next few weeks.

Love and blessings from the Skolruds!