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How far along? 25 weeks today! So happy to be past the point of viability – always a big milestone for me since my miscarriages.

Total weight gain:  Almost 20 lbs! This was my first pregnancy with weight gain in the first trimester – generally I dry heave so much that it’s hard to get anything down! However, the weight definitely starting packing on right from the start with this boy. I think it was partly because I was 1) at my lowest pre-pregnancy weight ever and 2) I was still nursing/pumping for Little I. Pretty sure my body said “You don’t have enough current fat reserves to grow a baby and produce breastmilk at the same time, so gain 5 lbs immediately!” lol. I gained around 22 lbs with each of the girls, but it will be a bit more with Little R. It’s totally fine with me as long as we’re both healthy!

Food cravings:  The first tri was very difficult this time in terms of food. I was needing to eat something substantial and protein-filled every 2 hours or so ALL DAY LONG or I would feel incredibly sick. With the girls, my morning sickness and dry heaving would let up after I could get breakfast down, but with Little R, it was an all day long thing unless I was eating CONSTANTLY. To make things worse, almost nothing sounded good, especially nothing in the dairy department, besides milk. I lived on cream of wheat, chicken strips, and asiago chicken ranch sandwiches from Wendy’s.

Now, most foods are ok – I can eat eggs, which is delightful, considering I didn’t want a single egg EVER during my pregnancy with Little I. I still crave protein, and I’m wanting foods that have lots of flavor, i.e. Olive Garden’s salad with that fabulous dressing, steak with A1 sauce, chinese food with soy sauce, salads or pasta with balsamic vinegar. I want the tangy, salty, bold flavors. I’ve also been really craving veggies and salads, which I have occasionally, because it’s hard to make a salad with enough (healthy!) calories to still fill me up.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not too much anymore, thank goodness. Now I feel a bit queasy if I get too stressed, too hot, or too dehydrated.

Symptoms: Acne! I’ve had way more acne this time around – I’m wondering if it’s Little R’s testosterone in my system. Some scattered Braxton Hick’s here and there, nothing too uncomfortable. I definitely have some extra relaxin in my system, as my left SI joint likes to act up and make walking impossible nearly every day. However, it does not seem to be heading toward the SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) that I had with Little I, for which I am IMMEASURABLY grateful. A little bit of heartburn, but nothing like the fiery flames I had with the girls.

Mood: Anxious. I’m beginning to feel the time ever quickening towards Christmas, and there is much to be done and taken care of before Little R gets here.

Sleep: It depends on how Little I sleeps, mostly. It’s also very hard for me to get comfortable right now – I go from side to back to side to back to side over and over throughout the night. The heat wave we’ve been having has not helped either. I’m thankful for what little sleep I do manage to get, but it’s definitely not enough.

Dreams: I had many many dreams before we found out Little R’s gender, all about him being a boy. I’ve also had quite a few lucid dreams, which I also experienced with N. I rarely remember any of them, but they’re pretty neat to experience considering pregnancy seems to be the only time I have them.

Kicking Patterns: I felt him move around 16 weeks. Ry felt him move around 19 weeks, which is the earliest he has ever felt any of our babies. Little R is starting to bop around a little more and occasionally move farther up into the uterus, but for the most part he stays very loooow in my pelvis and moves just enough to let me know he’s alive lol. My girls were movers and shakers and moved all around the place, so this has been quite a different experience!

Appointments: Had an appointment today, and everything looked great! His heart rate was in the 130’s, and my blood pressure was healthy. I was given my glucose drink to take the glucose tolerance test within the next few weeks – one of my least favorite parts of pregnancy. O well. N was thrilled to hear Little R’s heartbeat again. =)

Preparations for baby: He has a little onesie to come home in, as well as his own little Seahawks jersey/onesie to match his Daddy while cheering on the ‘Hawks. =) There is still much to be done: we need a new car! We do not currently have a car that can hold three carseats. We plan to move Little I into N’s room ASAP, so she can nap and hopefully spend most of the night there. We need boy clothes! It’s definitely been fun walking through the boy departments, when we’ve never had much cause to go there before. =)

It’s still so surreal to think we’re having a SON and that we’ll meet him in about 15 weeks!