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How far along? 28 weeks today!

Total weight gain: Officially 20 lbs. I’m hoping to only gain 10-12 more, but we’ll see how that goes with the holidays approaching. =)

Food cravings: Protein and veggies! I was telling Ry the other day that, while I have actually craved veggies periodically throughout this pregnancy, they also always sound good, even if I’m not craving them. This has never happened to me in my LIFE, pregnant or not! I generally don’t want them plain, but with a vinaigrette, or a dip (We’ve been making a yogurt ranch dip – YUM), or butter, salt, and pepper. Eggs don’t sound good in the mornings, but I’ve been having scrambled egg sandwiches for lunch pretty frequently. Raisin bran crunch (with extra raisins!) or a toasted bagel with cream cheese or peanut butter and honey have been consistent breakfasts for me.

Symptoms: I can definitely tell I’m entering the third trimester – I felt my energy levels noticeably drop this week. My bones and joints are just simply out of whack as well – my pelvis and lower back especially feel off, not in sync, like everything is just a touch out of alignment. This isn’t necessarily painful, but consistently uncomfortable, like chinese water torture. My left SI joint is still grumpy at me and has started affecting my sciatic nerve on that leg. I’m more off-balance, clumsy, forgetful, and front-heavy (obviously). Still some occasional heartburn – I just finally finished my first bottle of Tums this pregnancy (I was already on bottle number 2-4 at this point with both the girls). The Braxton hicks have definitely picked up as well.

Mood: Back and forth. I’ve had pretty bad anxiety this pregnancy and it’s been acting up the last few weeks. The holidays are ever impending and I think the nesting urge is starting to kick in early because I want to constantly be DOING things in my house – grumpy joints and bones make this harder than I would like. I’m working hard to stay positive!

Sleep: Somewhat better – the weather has been cooler, which helps. Little I is going through a sleep regression – she’s taking eons (and I do mean for.eh.ver) to go to sleep, and she’s been having a wailing, screaming wake-up that lasts about an hour before she calms down and goes back to sleep at least once a night this whole week. This has definitely disrupted all of our sleep cycles, so we’re hoping she’s turning the corner on the regression soon.

Dreams: I’m definitely dreaming, but I haven’t been remembering many of them.

Kicking Patterns: This little guy is a chill dude for the most part. He’s definitely become a bit more active over the last few weeks, but his movements are still pretty contained and small, with a big kick or flip occasionally. N delighted in kicking up under my ribs, and Little I gloried in punching my nethers with shocking accuracy, so the fact that Little R has yet to do either is much appreciated. He stays loooooooow in my uterus, with movement every 2-4 hours, but also long periods of quiet where I assume he’s sleeping.

Appointments: My 28 week appointment was today – all great news! We had another ultrasound today, which is unusual – most healthy pregnancies only have two ultrasounds, at 8ish and 20ish weeks. At my 20 week ultrasound, they noticed my placenta was a touch closer to my cervix than was considered fine, so they wanted me to come back in to check that the placenta had moved away from the cervix as the uterus grew (like it’s supposed to). No one was stressed about it, so we weren’t either, and it was another opportunity to see our boy! Everything looked great – my placenta was in perfect position, all his measurements were great, and we got another great look at his face, with the umbilical cord sneaking in to make an appearance. =)


One more with his sweet little hand. He kept trying to hide. =)


One more, I can’t help it. =D


His little face has DEFINITELY filled out in the last 8 weeks! Those cheeks! I die. The tech said he is currently 2 lbs, 10 oz, which is perfect, and he should gain about an ounce or two a day.

More good news – I PASSED my 1-hour glucose test! *fist pump* BOO YA! My blood pressure was great, and my doctor noted that my hemoglobin level was fantastic – I am at a 12, which is fabulous for small, typically anemic me, especially considering that I lost a lot of blood after Little I’s birth and nearly needed a blood transfusion – I left the hospital when she was born around a level 8, after having dropped to a 5.5. So they checked my hemoglobin level when they ran my glucose test, and my doctor is thrilled that I am at this level prior to delivery – I am too!

Preparations for baby: I’m working on the beginnings of a registry (Target so far), we’ve purchased the ingredients to make lots of freezer meals, with the plan to get through a bunch of them this week, I pre-registered with the hospital, got my flu shot, turned in my maternity leave notice at work, and have a working list of the rest of the things that need to get done (it’s a loooooong list!)


12ish weeks till we meet our boy! A few months after N was born, the Lord promised me a son. It was a clear whisper, a burrowed seed of joyful hope, and I kept it close to my heart. For a few years now, I’ve wondered if that promise was perfectly fulfilled with Cormac  Or even if he had already given us two sons, since we are not sure of Asher‘s gender. Preparing now to meet Little R, reveling in the knowledge that we have two, possibly three sons, reminds me that He keeps His promises in the sweetest of ways, in His perfect timing.

Little R being added to our family at this time is becoming part of our family’s testimony, and we are so thankful for the story God is writing.