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How far along? 40 weeks today!

Total weight gain: I’ve lost a little bit and remained stagnant for the past couple of days. It’s looking like I may top out at 35 lbs gained for this pregnancy.

Food cravings: Still protein, warm cozy drinks, comfort foods like soups and pasta.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Only stress, for the most part.

Symptoms: My poor pelvis is done. My muscles are constantly pulling from the weight and the extra strain of him being dropped. I’ve taken to calling my back “rice Krispies” because it snap, crackle, pops all the time! I’ve had another bout of false labor, with scattered braxton hicks every day. Still unending heartburn.

Mood: Very very done. I also have a lot more peace and hope regarding this birth than I have had yet, so I’m very thankful for that.

Sleep: Still not great nor horrible.

Dreams: None that I remember.

Kicking Patterns: Still a chill little dude who occasionally starfishes all his limbs out. He will also occasionally settle part of his body on my sciatic nerve, which is all kinds of uncomfortable.

Labor Signs: Not much except another bout or two of false labor. He seems pretty comfy at the moment, so I have a feeling he’ll be a couple of days overdue at least.

Appointments: I have my 40 week appointment tomorrow, which will include an NST (non stress test) and an AFI (amniotic fluid index). Both of these tests are noninvasive and will make sure Little R is healthy and my body is still a healthy place for him.

Preparations for baby: Both our bag and the girls’ bag is essentially packed, with the few things that would need to be thrown in right before we leave assembled and ready to go. The Christmas tree is fully decorated, and most of the other decorations are up. We’ve made progress on getting the house cleaned (or at least cleaned enough, at this point). We are just about as ready as we can be. =)


Hopefully, the very next blog post will be introducing Little R. We can hardly wait to meet our son!